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Gun Boonie™ - The Ultimate Scope Cover ~
"You've tried the rest, now buy the best!"

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Sales: info@gunboonie.com


General Information: info@gunboonie.com


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"Opening morning in Idaho found me in the woods hunting in a steady rain. The six-point bull was moving through the brush 50 yards away. I slipped the Gun Boonie off, my scope and rifle action were clean and dry - no debris or moisture to wipe off before I could shoot. The Gun Boonie is awesome!" - R. Jenkin, Nine Mile Falls, WA

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One evening I was sitting on my favorite Elk stand. At around 16:00 hours the fog started to come up the draw and by 16:30 had taken over the entire area I was watching. On my way back to camp I rose above the fog line, but it started raining so I decided to end the day early. By the time I got to my a.t.v. the rain was coming down heavier, so I was in a hurry to get to the camp fire. As I rounded a corner I caught a glimpse of a cow Elk off to the left, then the Five point started up the hill and into some brush. I got off the a.t.v. and ran up the hill to see if I might still have a shot. As I was searching for the Five point I had seen another Five point off to my left wondering where everybody was going. I removed my Gun Boonie quickly and quietly and scored that season. I've been an avid hunter for 44 years and tried about every scope cover made. I also tried ponchos, plastic bags, which brought only troubles and frustrations when a quick shot was needed. The Gun Boonie has been the perfect solution for scope and action protection I have ever used. I highly recommend it. I'm even going to purchase one for a hunting partner that has a tendency to sleep on stand. You never know when u need to make a quick shot. - Barry Anderson, Post Falls, Idaho

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